Building the Change

is a virtual gathering
for contemporary natural building,
made by women, for women

Building the Change Summit

is a virtual gathering
contemporary natural building, made by women, for women

We invite you to join us and learn about:

Women-led innovation
Emergent materials
Circular solutions for construction

Edition 1.0 Coming in Q3 2020

Theme: Resiliency at Home
brilliant solutions
minutes each


Welcome to BUILDING THE CHANGE, an online event on home building that introduces women to high-impact ideas, materials and design for building resilient homes.
BUILDING THE CHANGE delves deeper than décor, and questions the fundamentals of shelter making.
We know there is a lot of noise out there and, like most women, you are probably short on time. That's why we aggressively research and curate the best in advanced natural building – so you don't have to.

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We can't wait to be building the change with you!


Is your home resilient?
Are you interested in natural shielding and defensive materials?
Do you want to learn more about passive design that works with the elements and climate change, rather than against them?
Want to retrofit organic food production into your architecture?
How about a deep dive into urban planning for empathy?
Building so you can thrive!
Now with the wake up call of Covid19, causing distress and highlighting the insecurity of millions, we have a hunch that you might be hungry for guidance on how to bake more resiliency into your home.
The BUILDING THE CHANGE Summit 1.0 is focusing its content to highlight ways we can future-proof our homes intelligently and sustainably.

What can we do to future-proof our homes?

What you will learn:

How to embed potable water into your home – invisibly.
Don't get caught with your pantry down – how to build a natural larder.
Defensive architecture: pollution-filtering plasters and EMF-shielding paints.
Urban planning for empathetic communities.
The Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit – a cocoon for uncertain times.
Rocket ovens, done right.
Buildings against bullets.
What's the IQ of your glass?
The modern, new Nordic root cellar.
Home, sweet net zero home.
Is your home...'multi-comfortable'?
The Architecture of Micro-gardening.
...and more!
Not only will you be exposed to actionable ideas, your learning supports girls in becoming Change-Builders too.

5% of our Summit's proceeds will be donated to GirlsBuild, a nonprofit dedicated to
teaching girls the building arts.

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We can't wait to be building the change with you!
The sum total of physical elements that make up your home. Many architects define it
merely as the interrelationship of textures, colors, forms and types of different materials.
It's what makes a house a house: bricks, timber, steel etc. But we also include what you
can't see in our definition: sustainability, origins, endings, ethics and the
wholesomeness of a material. We advocate for a materiality that prioritizes what's on
the inside. Beauty and performance run skin deep, but ethics form the character of a

In addition to ethical metrics, our Summit will be showcasing new materials that provide extra protection for our homes. Our theme is RESILIENCY after all.
Gender parity in construction is about creating a space for the other 50% of humanity's talent pool –
women – to manifest new visions for the built environment. We are excited to introduce you to battle-tested women who are re-defining the Shelter of tomorrow.
Circularity is about building systems with the principal of regeneration embedded within them. Regeneration requires reverse engineering, where we consider the entire life cycle of a building. Most of today's buildings are designed to have a linear life span starting with the raw materials and ending with a landfill. Tomorrow's buildings will be designed for re-integration into new products or even compost. With Circularity, the end of service life is just another beginning.
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